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I am familiar with tension headaches and back pain.  Before becoming a massage therapist in 2011, I worked at a desk and spent one-third of my day at a computer. I loved my job, but it took a serious toll on my body.  At the time a visit to my chiropractor confirmed that the vertebrae in my neck were out of alignment.  As you can imagine, this caused me a great deal of discomfort including tension headaches and back pain.  Through consistent work with a massage therapist and chiropractor I was able to correct my spinal issues and alleviate my pain.


Since 2011 my practice has been focused on helping relieve pain for those with tension headaches, TMJ dysfunction or who clench/grind their teeth.  The techniques I use are aimed at decreasing muscle tension in the head, neck, jaw and upper back and realigning the muscles so they function properly.  


Here's what others have to say about working with me:


Allisa's work on my jaw has improved not only the pain and discomfort from clenching my teeth but my overall health, posture, and well-being. She not only worked on my body physically, but she gave me the knowledge I needed to start learning the signals my body was sending me. I've become more mindful of my clenching and overall posture, and I have her to thank!

-E.S., Social Worker

I thankfully have found Allisa and she has given me such relief from my TMJ pain.  I have suffered with this on and off for 25 years.  I can honestly say that I have never felt as good (free from the tightness in my neck and face) for a very long time.  I started going to her 3 months ago, the first treatment required a visit each week for 3 weeks.  After the muscles were softened and in alignment with the neck and shoulder I am no longer clenching my teeth at night.  I go now once a month for maintenance and this seems to be working for me.  I highly recommend seeing her if you suffer from TMJ.

-K.H., Retiree

My lifestyle is very active at times teaching exercise classes and at times I sit for hours working on my computer. This adds stress to my body and especially my neck and hips. During my first session with Allisa she quickly found many trigger spots in my jaw, shoulder and hip. I was amazed that she found my weaknesses so easily. She also brought to my attention how one was connected to the other and by working with my jaw she could help to release my shoulder and hip. It was amazing. I followed her 3 session protocol and learned so much I did not know about my body. I especially liked the massage cupping and felt relief in my shoulders afterwards. The essential oils that she used helped me to feel lifted and less affected by the outside world.  I will make this part of my routine self-care routine in the upcoming year. I believe that with her expert body work my body will be on its way to being in the best possible health as I age.

-T.E., Entrepreneur

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