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COVID-19 Information

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  • I will monitor my own health closely.

  • I will stay current and follow all public health requirements of Allegheny County and the State of Pennsylvania.

  • I will stay current and follow best practices recommended by my professional organization AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) and the FSMTB (Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards).

  • I will stay current and follow recommendations of the CDC and OSHA.

  • I will make no exceptions when it comes to the health of myself and my clients.


  • Face masks must be worn at all times while you are in the studio. I wear a mask at all times (whether there are clients in or not).  If you forget yours, I can provide you with a disposable surgical mask.  

  • There is no waiting room.  If you have someone with you they are welcome to visit 802 Bean Company located just down the block.  They have delicious coffee and tea and have a wonderful outside deck.  There are also many benches located up and down the boulevard.  


  • You will still receive an awesome massage!

  • I will wear a mask during the entire massage (I change masks after each session).  You will need to wear yours while you are face up, but you can lower it while you are face down. 

  • I will use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the massage room and at various times during the massage.

  • A HEPA system will be on during each session.

  • A 'COVID-Clean' check out will be used for payment.


  • I allot 30 minutes between sessions to allow for extra disinfecting.

  • I will open the windows (you have no idea how happy it makes me to say that!) to allow for fresh air to circulate in the room.

  • As always, all sheets and blankets will be changed between clients. 

  • My entire massage table and rolling stool will be wiped down, including the legs and the medical-grade vinyl covering the massage table and face cradle.

  • The HEPA filter will be set to maximum air volume until the next client's arrival.

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