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At Mindful Massage and Bodywork we sincerely believe that overall wellness is achieved by using a multi-faceted approach. These are the businesses that help us stay healthy.

Green Rocks Fitness
Melissa Jenkins, Owner and Personal Trainer


At Green Rocks Fitness it’s about more than just lifting weights. Melissa and her staff employ a holistic approach to fitness that is about growth and progressive
improvement and transformation. They support, motivate and educate their clients. Check out their blog or come to one of their free, monthly Food Talks. You are bound to learn something new.


Green Rocks Fitness Logo
Deborah Barr photo

Whole Health Resources

Deborah Barr, Owner

Deborah has been a leader in the Holistic Health and Nutrition community for over 35 years. Her extensive training includes: Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and Holistic Life Coaching. She is a wealth of information. I recommend you visit her website for amazing recipes and insightful articles.


Mind Power Pittsburgh
Joseph Onesta, C.Ht. 

Mind Power Pittsburgh is the private practice of Joseph Onesta, C.Ht.  He is a certified hypnotherapist who combines hypnosis with mindfulness instruction, and integrative coaching to help individuals achieve change.  He has helped many people reduce stress, control anxiety, relieve pain, change habits, control or eliminate phobias, and develop a productive and healthy mind-body connection. All sessions are one-on-one, individualized for each client.  Nothing is off the shelf.  No Prerecorded sessions. 


Deborah Barr photo
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